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A Set List …
It can flow places you never thought it would go.
It can be just as much of a teaching moment as the message or sermon.
It can grab the attention of even the hardest of hearts.
It can determine what people are thinking about when they leave their seat.
It can make or break the flow in the service.
It can be a determining factor of whether or not someone comes back next week.

Am I putting too much emphasis on the proper development of a set list? I don’t think so.
Even the best leadership of a bad set can leave a mediocre impression.

We need to be intentional when we’re planning sets. Sometimes, they come together with ease. Sometimes, you may feel like you could have grabbed two random songs with your eyes closed, bashed them together and it would have flowed better than what you had spent two weeks planning.

I think one of the most important approaches to choosing a set list is to determine a common theme throughout the entire set. I know this may sound obvious, but we all need the reminder. Continue Reading…

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(This is just a quick update on where I’ve been and some thoughts that you can be expecting from me over the next little while)

It’s been a few weeks since I have contributed anything on here. I’ve actually been out of the office to be with my family as we said our final goodbyes to my dad who has been on a journey through cancer for the past number of years.

I had lots of time to think. Lots of time to consider what it means to worship as we sang together by his bed. I’m wrestling with the reality of the separation of our souls from our physical bodies, and what that means now for a man who loves God and is able to worship Him in his actual presence.

I believe the foundation of my understanding of worship has been shaken and strengthened in this season. I’m excited to be in dialogue about this with you all as we press on to worship our God as best we can in our physical bodies.


Jared Taylor —  April 15, 2013 — 4 Comments


We’re knee-deep into Phase II, a building project at our production facility in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We’re expanding into empty warehouse space to extend our main theatre, build new youth and kids auditoriums and finish support space to serve all our sites. Just a little summer project!

One of our first steps was to identify our requirements. What seating capacity do we need? Where are the lockdown zones? Where do we need windows and doors? Since I lead the charge for audio, video and lighting, my requirements include fun terms like “4.5 GHz sweep tested HD-SDI”, “higher gain before feedback” and “separately processed amplifier feeds”. And, of course, there’s a budget requirement too!

But how do all these details fit into the big picture? Our mission at The Meeting House isĀ “to grow as a community-transforming church to see more people’s lives radically changed by Jesus in our church family, in our communities, and around the world.” How does my high-bandwidth coax cable transform a community? How does the Colour Reproduction Index of my LED house lights reach the world with Jesus’ message? Continue Reading…