Did you forget how to wrap a cable? How to tune a guitar? Are you wondering where it would be appropriate to use your new Vibraslap in an arrangement of “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, or how to make an out of tune guitar sit better in the mix by using only the mute button? Well, welcome the Amplify blog!

The Amplify blog is designed to equip and inspire music and tech volunteers in the local church. Our first focus is our own little armpit on the body of Christ, The Meeting House, but our hope is that other ministries will find it just as useful. So, if you’re reading this and you’re from another church, drop us a line to let us know what you think! We’re all in this together, right?

We’ll update the site weekly with content covering everything from practical tips and tricks to our biggest dreams and visions for ministry. And, don’t forget, you can filter the blog posts to your specific area by using the “Categories” column on the right hand side.

About the Contributors …

Andrew Stanley is the Music Support Pastor at The Meeting House. As an avid fan of baseball, farms, and coffee, he’ll be the one posting about the musical soundings of our instrumentalists and vocalists.

andrew.stanley@themeetinghouse.com  ||  @awestanley


Jared Taylor is the Weekend Service Support Pastor at The Meeting House. He’s married with kids, makes a mean guacamole and drives a 10 year old foreign car. Although his area of focus for this blog is equipping technical persons (keepin’ it PC), you may see the occasional post about Beyblades from his eight-year old wannabe-computer hacker son.

jared.taylor@themeetinghouse.com  || @jaredjontaylor


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