Some things just go together

Tim Day —  November 16, 2012 — 7 Comments

Some things just go together. For me it’s root beer and good pizza, Christmas and my mom’s sticky buns, and the Super Bowl and smokin’ hot chicken wings – I notice a bit of a food theme happening here!

I am sure you have your own list of things that just go together. One of the interesting “just go together” pairings in history is spiritual awakenings and new worship music. From the Reformation hymns to John & Charles Wesley’s revival songs to the Salvation Army’s converted bar tunes to the Jesus People’s rock, new music and spiritual awakenings have always gone hand in hand.

It reminds me of Psalm 33: 3-5:

Sing a new song to him.
Play it well and sing it loud!
The Lord’s word is true,
and he is faithful in everything he does.
He loves goodness and justice.
The Lord’s faithful love fills the earth.

When God stirs a fresh vision of Him and His incredible mission in the world, new anthems start flowing. Singing together allows us to express a shared message and mission enfolded in shared experience and passion. It reminds me of One Roof. You can’t compare theoretical unity with actually being together and experiencing that unity. You can’t compare giving silent mental assent to a mission to joining in with thousands to boldly declare through prayer our firm commitment. As we sing our hearts out together we speak directly to God. We express our worship and prayers with a passion and intentionality that is often not found in our individual prayer lives.

God has given us a new mission. We need new songs. We need to play them well and sing them loud. Why? Because God’s word to us is true. He is faithful in everything he will do. He is on a mission to transform lives. He is on the move to bring good to this world. He wants to fill the earth with his faithful love.

The Meeting House. New mission. Impassioned Worship. Spiritual Awakening. Transformation. Yes, some things just go together.

Tim Day


7 responses to Some things just go together

  1. Tim, we’re so thankful for your leadership!

  2. Does this mean we will be given more song suggestions to go with a series? I remember we did that with one series (I don’t remember the series, but we sang “The Saving One”) and it was really cool to think that other people across TMH were also singing the same song that morning! Really creates a sense of unity and cohesion with the service as a whole.

    • Agreed, Adam! This is definitely a direction that we would love to head. There is something to be said about the unity of our whole community, all sites, declaring the same truths together. We’re looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the coming months!

  3. Thanks Tim, great thoughts. Made me wonder what if MeetingHousers wrote our own songs? Could we do songs that reflect our lives following Jesus and being in community?

  4. Andrew and I have talked and that is definitely our hope moving forward. I am excited about the possibilities.

  5. At least having the Bible passages the speaker is using would help the worship leader better select the songs. The approval process for the song inventory would be useful too (I miss the old Calvary Chapel, Integrity Hosanna, Second Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, etc.). I guess that dates me a little.

    • “You put this love in my heart!!” … classic 🙂
      Having the scripture that will be the focus of a message or series really is a great place to start. Most times, at The Meeting House, we will be able to name this before 10am on Sunday morning. As we move forward, we’ll be sure to communicate all of those details through the music coordinators. When it comes to the approval process, if you’re talking about songs on the Common Song List, that approval process actually still exists. Send them my way and in collaboration with the teaching team, we’ll continue to update our list.

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