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I just want to just post just on a specific just aspect of just speaking normally just while just on stage.

There is an epidemic that has swept through the church and it has found a home in those who speak into microphones – typically in those who pray into microphones. Since when did the word “just” become so common in our everyday language?  Have you noticed this?

I know I have been in services where I didn’t have enough fingers to count the number of times the word “just” was said by the person upfront (I have been guilty of this too …).

The grammatically correct folk are thinking, “What he said didn’t make sense.”
The rest are thinking, “Wow, he said that word a lot …”

In either case, no one was listening to what you were trying to say.  They were distracted by the way you said it.

Stop overusing the word “Just”.
In fact, try to avoid it all together.

Hey, let’s just stand up.” — Really?  Is that all you’re asking them to do?
Let’s just take a second and pray.” — There’s power in prayer. I wouldn’t say it’s “just” praying.
Let’s just sing that one more time.” — “Let’s sing that one more time,” works well instead.

If you spend the time planning what you’re going to say and practice it as much as you practice the music (if not more), the word “just” won’t creep into your sentences so much.  To me, the number of times the word “just” is used in one’s speaking often reflects the amount of time they spent preparing what they were going to say.

Listen for it the next time you’re speaking in public — you might be surprised at how often you’re actually using that 4-letter word.

SIDE NOTE: Don’t get me started on overusing the name of God in prayers. I might post about that one day, but until then, watch out for that too. You don’t have to say His name 10 times in one sentence – He already knows you’re talking to Him.