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Jared Taylor —  April 15, 2013 — 4 Comments


We’re knee-deep into Phase II, a building project at our production facility in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. We’re expanding into empty warehouse space to extend our main theatre, build new youth and kids auditoriums and finish support space to serve all our sites. Just a little summer project!

One of our first steps was to identify our requirements. What seating capacity do we need? Where are the lockdown zones? Where do we need windows and doors? Since I lead the charge for audio, video and lighting, my requirements include fun terms like “4.5 GHz sweep tested HD-SDI”, “higher gain before feedback” and “separately processed amplifier feeds”. And, of course, there’s a budget requirement too!

But how do all these details fit into the big picture? Our mission at The Meeting House isĀ “to grow as a community-transforming church to see more people’s lives radically changed by Jesus in our church family, in our communities, and around the world.” How does my high-bandwidth coax cable transform a community? How does the Colour Reproduction Index of my LED house lights reach the world with Jesus’ message? Continue Reading…